Our Story

Once upon a time, Joshua created a website called Prom Night Fist Fight. It didn’t start with a prom night or a fist fight. Nary a cummerbund, corsage, corner man, or counterpunch in sight. PNFF started the way many things do — sort of by accident...

Joshua needed a place to house his visual and typography design exercises — off-the-cuff, random thoughts in color and text, usually witty, sometimes pensive, and always entertaining.

When he met Mandy, he used this platform (and others) to romance her. After having two kids, Joshua and Mandy discovered vintage children’s books and BabyLit that showed design, illustration, literature, and fine art could coexist in more realms than just the post-collegiate.

They started playing together, these four people, mixing and matching, bantering, creating and deconstructing, until the songs, illustrations, poems, and stories all danced together. Now Prom Night Fist Fight continues as a visual and literary playground for them all.